Friends’ hands is an association that wants to support children and young people all over the world.

We founded friends’ hands in 2017 and will concentrate first of all on Tanzania/Africa with our donations and projects. The reason for this is that we spent 3 months in Bagamoyo working as volunteers – what a time, what an experience. We found out there is no need of miracles but support.

We are a group of 7 founders and many active helpers in the background. Ellis and Nora stayed at The Baobab home from March to June 2017 and fulfilled different tasks there. Ellis worked as an academic adviser at STA – the Steven Tito Academy – a school in the area for kids who wouldn’t have a chance of schooling otherwise. Nora did a lot of different jobs either at the orphanage Baobab Home, STA or among others at stronger together. This project cares of one of the main problems in the country – HIV, especially of the kids and young people affected.

Our association works charitably and all donations will go directly into the projects.

The founders are:

Ellis, Britta and Nora

Meike and Lars