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There is the opportunity to donate for a specific project you can choose from the item Projects where you will find further information. All donations collected go completely to the projects and are not used for the management of the association. Furthermore it’s possible to donate directly to the association or to become a member at friends’ hands . Donations directly to the association are used for costs (such as tax consultant, charges for the transfers etc.) Additionally smaller projects can be tackled if needed.

You can assert your donation in your tax return. We are a charitable association and entitled to make out tax receipts.

A little story of our stay in Tanzania to show you the way the money could be spent for. In Bagamoyo you find a crocodile and a snake park. Not a single child of our group has ever visited these parks where you can learn a lot about these animals of the country. Their families are poor. So we made an appeal to our friends in Germany to collect some money for a trip into these parks. And we got support from many people at home and made this excursion with 50 kids. An unforgettable day for the kids – and for us! And our appeal exceeded our expectations and there was some money left to build a roof for the stronger together kids before the rainy season to give them the chance to stay outside in this time. We made a trip to another hospital with all the stronger together kids and they showed their performances. And we could buy new drums, paper, pencils for them. We still thank all of our donors!

As you can see you can do a lot with little money in this country. We are looking forward to any kind of donations and will report about the projects the money has gone.