Here you find the projects we support at the moment and the expenditure of money you indicate the expenditure you would like for your donation and the money will definitely go there.

Stronger together

This project was founded by Swedish volunteers and cares for approx. 45 HIV positive children in Bagamoyo. At weekends these kids meet there, they got several lessons such as art, dancing, drama, English and Swahili and they got a full lunch. Another important aspect is the education about their disease and medical treatment for the kids and their families by their teachers who are also affected.

Our main aim of our association is to spread this information by performing their program in hospitals and institutions in their region.


  1. Excursions of the stronger together kids to hospitals to perform their informative performances about HIV, nutrition, medical treatment and avoiding infection
  2. Improvement/upkeeping of the new stronger together house in Bagamoyo (where they come together, get their lessons etc.)
  3. medical care

Steven Tito Academy

Education changes your life and gives you the chance for a prosperous future. Steven Tito academy (STA) offers education for approx. 100 kids that would otherwise never be available for most of them. At STA they get breakfast, lunch and educational recourses.

We want to contribute to this well-rounded education in a safe and nurturing learning environment for bright children from poor families.


  1. Sponsorship for school kids
  2. educational resources, English books / library
  3. extension of a well in the school area

Baobab home

Baobab home as well as STA were founded by Terri Place and her husband Caito Mwandu. At Baobab home, the orphanage of the project live 9 kids at the moment. Two Mamas care for them around the clock. They attend Steven Tito Academy and the HIV positive of them are part of the stronger together project at the weekends. Many of this kids have their families but cannot live with them for different reasons. It is the main aim to reintegrate them in the long term as far as possible. One of the Baobab kids is Kenneth who was found in a church in the age of six month. He stands for all these great kids made us found this association.


  1. games and clothes for the kids
  2. excursions for the kids (to the beach for swimming, trips to parks, having meals outside
  3. medical care
  4. extension of a well in the area